Consulting is now on a limited basis depending on the location and timing of the project.

Invasive Plant Assessments: Trained in using the APHIS PERAL Weed Risk Assessment protocol and writing CABI invasive plant abstracts.  Have written assessments of ornamental plants for the state of Maryland.

Plant Surveys and On-Site Consultation:  Discover your land through botanical and ecological surveys, learn how to identify the plants around your home or business, improve your backyard wildlife habitat. If you live in a critical area near water, learn best management practices and plant choices for your buffer.

Management Plans: Document the state of forests, wetlands and meadows and plan for their future development.  Determine whether you need invasive plant control, plantings, erosion control, or wildlife management to achieve a healthy, sustainable ecosystem.

Invasive Plant Identification and Control Options: Learn what invasive plants threaten your property and how to control them.  Whether you are restoring hundreds of acres or a backyard, I can help you find a way to meet your goals.  I am also trained in performing weed risk assessments that can be used for policy making. 

Public Garden Collections and Natural Areas: Develop collections policies and management plans that fit your garden’s goals for education, research, and recreation.APGA member logo